Dress body form is great for sewing

Sewing lovers always use dress / body form to feet models. Beautiful dress form perfect for displaying dresses, suits, and pretty much all clothing. Great for sewing, form is made of heavy duty foam so you can pin directly into the foam as often as you would like. Which is great for students or tailors and aspiring designers . The actual torso is made of fiberglass and is covered with jersey material on top of heavy duty foam.

What is body form made of?

An ideal sewing companion, dress form allows for pattern adjustments before cutting, better fittings and alterations, and an opportunity to creatively work with fabrics and see how they will drape and hang on the body. Twelve dials make it easy to change the dimensions of the body, including settings at the neck for smooth collars and necklines.

The body form requires basic assembly, but no tools are required. An instruction book comes included.